Understanding What You Can Bring Home from Italy

I will help you to understand what you can, and cannot, bring back from Italy (or from most countries, for that matter) so that you can be prepared for the moment you get the US Customs Declaration form. I’ll also highlight some of the Trusted Traveler Programs you can enroll in to expedite the process–and perhaps I’ll finish up with an idea or two on how to best protect your bottle of Italian Wine for your trip back home.

Understanding Italy’s “New” Travel Visa Rules

Time to clear up all the confusion and put an end to the misinformation sharing, and answer a simple question: What do I need for entry into Italy in 2024? I will break down what ETIAS is and means for you, the Travel & Entry Requirements, along with everything else you need to know for visiting Italy in 2024 and beyond. I’ll detail all the policy changes, including what’s to come in the future, as well as provide you with links to official government websites and trusted information sources.

20 Travel Essentials for a Stress-free Trip

There’s a lot of maybes with travel. I mean, in packing a suitcase alone you are trying to predict what you will need or want in seven days, 2,000 miles from home! How crazy is that? So yes, of course, traveling can be quite stressful and often needlessly expensive. But the payoff…oh the payoff is way worth it. With that in mind, below are 20 Travel Essentials For a Stress-Free Trip. These items can help mitigate some of the anxiety & stress, while saving you a few bucks along the way.

Fur Babies Travel Too! Searching Amazon to Help Your Pet

One thing is for sure: Traveling with your beloved pet(s) is a whole bunch of stress in itself. Here I’ve compiled a list of items that can help your beloved fur-baby survive the anxiety & fear that comes with traveling…and do so looking pretty darn chic & stylish too, I might add. Just in time for Amazon’s October Prime Days, these recommendations are all “Prime”-eligible & from some of the best–and reliable-brands in the pet care industries.

My Puglia Road Trip (Part IV) – Bari

Bari is almost a split personality, one young and vibrant, one older and esteemed. The latter can be encapsulated by Bari Vecchia, the historic old town, a city center filled with countless trattorias, piazzas and shops. This invokes, for Americans like me, a sort of downtown “Main Street, USA” vibe…except it’s backdrop is picturesque lighthouses overlooking the Adriatic Sea and too many museums to count.

Puglia Road Trip III — Matera (Basilicata)

Our road trip continues as we explore Matera–inside a region that’s actually just to the south of Puglia, called Basilicata

My Puglia Road Trip (Part II)

Meredith and I continued our epic 9-day Puglia, Italy road trip with a visit to Alberobello, the 3rd city on our itinerary. Alberobello is a small town (or commune) of roughly 10,000. It’s actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site, achieving the status in 1996, for its unique and historically significant architecture–specifically its Trulli houses.

My Puglia Road Trip – Part I

Accompanied by one of my good friends from New York City, Meredith, we embarked on a 9-day road trip throughout one of the most scenic–and criminally underrated & unheralded–regions of Italy. A coastal region in the southeast “heel” of the country, Puglia (also known as Apulia) remains a hidden gem of sorts as tourists flock to the more well-known…and more easily accessible, to be honest….cities like Rome, Venice, Milan, etc etc..

Another Amazing Street Food Tour…In Naples

I’ve talked about some of the best street food in Sicily, and raved about my tour through Florence already. So it was only natural that upon a visit to Naples I reconnected with Marco, owner of Streaty Food Tours, for another fantastic day of walking, learning, and, most importantly, tasting some of the best food in the city.

A Guide to Train Travel in Italy

Figuring out transportation within a foreign country can be *OMG* stressful. There’s so many options and possible methods of transportation that comparing them all can get overwhelming really, really quickly. Trust me,…I’ve been there.

10 Things I Wish I’d Known About Coffee Culture in Italy

Italian coffee is deemed one of the best in the world and boy do they wear that badge with honor. Right up there next to pizza and pasta, coffee is one of the things Italy is most renowned for and has become a point of reference for coffee excellence in the world.

How to spend a day in Florence for under 25€

When people think “travel to Europe”, the next thought that usually accompanies it is how expensive it is to do. For that reason, so many people automatically assume that they will never be able to experience the world because they simply don’t have the funds to do so.

The Ultimate Florence Street Food Tour

As you’ve heard me say before, the best way to understand in a new city and culture is through its food – and more specifically its STREET food. Florence is my stomping grounds, so I’m gunna tell you exactly how to do it right.

How to find good food in Venice

Time to be real with yall – it’s hard to find good food in Venice if you don’t know where to look. That being said though, it’s not impossible – here’s how to do it.
sicily, catania, market

The BEST street food tour in Catania, Sicily

Sicilian street food is (IMO), some of the best that you’ll find in all of Italy, and there’s no better way to experience it then having a local take you around to their favorite spots!

5 Places to get Panini in Florence

There are few things I love more than chowing down on an authentic, fresh, Italian panino. After happily eating my way around Florence, here are my fav go-to spots

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