You Deserve Good Gelato

Reasons to travel the world, embrace failure, and do the sh*t that scares you.

In her inimitably funny and feel-good way, social media star Kacie Rose offers a refreshingly honest take on navigating a new life abroad in You Deserve Good Gelato, covering everything from travel fails and homesickness to the joy of culture shocks and the power of doing the s*** that scares you. Because life is too short not to.

Kacie decided to leave her life as a pro dancer in New York City and move to Italy in 2021 – and she never looked back. Okay, that isn’t strictly true…

In You Deserve Good Gelato, Kacie reflects on the pure terror of driving on Italian roads, the trials of speaking a new language (and getting it horribly, horribly wrong), and the genuine beauty of a slower pace of life, all with humour and heart. And by sharing her personal stories of life under the Tuscan sun, Kacie explains how travel is a privilege, why cultural differences are the coolest things in the world, and how there’s a positive you can take away from literally any situation.

You Deserve Good Gelato will have you buying that ticket and embracing this big, beautiful world that we all call home

“Even if you’ve followed me for a while, there is still so much you don’t know”

When the team at DK Eyewitness approached me and asked me how I felt about writing a book, I responded with, “it scares the shit out of me so that probably means I should do it”. And that’s exactly what this book is about: celebrating doing the shit that scares you, because life is just simply too short not to. 

If you’ve followed me for a while on social media, you might think you’ve heard it all, but rest assured – there is SO much that you don’t know. 

I share stories of somewhat cringy mistakes, embarrassing failures, triumphant wins, heartache that has left me in a ball on the bathroom floor, and all the lessons I’ve learned while traveling and living abroad that I’ve never talked about on social media before. They’re my stories, yes, but I wrote this book for YOU – so that no matter who you are or what you’re facing in life, you walk away feeling empowered to take the leap, even if you’re scared. 


Because the most amazing things come from doing the sh*t that scares you – and you totally deserve those things. 

About the Author

Kacie Rose is a travel content creator living in Florence, Italy. After a life-changing solo trip and her own little “under the Tuscan sun moment,” she made the official move to Italy in January 2021. Through positivity, authenticity, and humour, she began sharing culture shocks, travel tips, and life abroad across her social media, where her following quickly grew to a community of over 1.5 million people.

From explaining why you won’t find “pepperoni pizza” and “lattes” in Italy, to sharing how to order a coffee, figure out the train system, and find authentic gelato, Kacie’s goal is to encourage and help her community travel abroad by showing them the beauty of cultural differences, all the while reminding them that they are strong, deserving, and so much more capable than they think they are.

In case I don’t say it enough, thank you.
This book is because of you, and for you.

Kacie Rose

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