Group Trips to Italy

Eager to see the world

But nervous to travel alone? Come with me.

Every year I work with tour leaders and operators to plan epic group travel trips all over Italy with a diverse group of travelers, just like you. We’ll meet as strangers but quickly become friends, eating (duh), exploring, and making some core memories around Italy, together. 

Leave the trip planning up to us – in addition to having a local tour guide with us the entire trip as well as exclusive guides for each excursion, we will also handle all the scheduling, communication, and tiny little details so that you don’t have to do ANYTHING but come and enjoy 🙂

If you’re nervous to travel alone, join us
– everyone is welcome.

Upcoming Tours: 

Food & Wine: Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna & Verona

Oct 26–Nov 5, 2023

In Italy, food is an art form.

Learn about northern Italy’s rich culinary history by visiting local shops, secluded vineyards, and bustling markets. You’ll witness the passion behind the creation of famous meats, cheeses, oils, and wines by interacting with the producers who keep the traditions alive. From Parmigiano-Reggiano in Parma, to sampling Chianti in Chianti, to fresh-cooked tagliatelle in Bologna, prepare to indulge in the best the region has to offer on this Food & Wine Tour

A Week in Italy: Venice, Florence & Rome

Nov 13–Nov 21, 2023

Feel the pulse of Italy’s vibrant culture.
We’ve picked three iconic cities at the pulse of Italy’s vibrant culture, both past and present. Venice brings romance to the forefront, with sprawling Baroque palaces and gondola-dotted canals. The Renaissance is tangible in Florence, where the presence of the world’s greatest artists can still be felt. And in Rome, history is ever-present, from the crumbling Colosseum to the Forum. The people, the food, the way of life—experience what Italy is all about as you make your way from one city to the next.

A Week In Sicily

Jun 27–Jul 6, 2024

Discover a multicultural island in the middle of the Mediterranean.
Sicily’s traditions and cuisine take on a new life as the summer comes to an end and locals take to the streets. From fresh fall harvests and beautiful blue-sky winters to warm spring weather, each season brings a unique reason to visit. Travel to lively Palermo, seaside Syracuse, and charming Taormina to uncover the island’s beautiful landscapes and interesting history.

Northern Italy: Dolomites, Lake Como & Lake Maggiore

Jul 24–Aug 2, 2024

This is the different Italy—a region bursting with the pleasantly unexpected.
Go north and step into a land where rock spires rise above lush landscapes, Austrian influences characterize the village streets, and tranquil lakes and perfumed vineyards are always on the horizon. From Lake Maggiore and the staggering Dolomites to the glimmering shores of Lake Como, tread through Italian landscapes at their most surreal and surprising on this Adventure Tour.

Food and Wine of Northern Italy and the Italian Riviera

Sep 3–Sep 13, 2024

Two words to sum up northern Italy? Great. Food.
Eating isn’t just a part of the daily grind here—it’s a full-on art form. Stand beside the masters in their kitchens, farms, and wineries and learn the ins and outs of the region’s knockout delights. From wine on the Riviera to Parmigiano-Reggiano in Parma to fresh-cooked tagliatelle in Bologna, prepare to indulge in the best the region has to offer on this Food & Wine Tour.

A Week in Naples & Amalfi Coast

Sep 28–Oct 6, 2024

Discover a region where the only thing better than the pizza is the Falanghina wine.
Similar to the boot it’s shaped like, Italy keeps its “soul” on the bottom. Just think of the corner cafes, where you only hear conversations in Italian. When you feast on sfogliatella pastries with a side Primitivo wine, you’ll get a taste for recipes that have been passed down from one generation to the next. Everywhere you look on this week long trip, you’ll find that even though times change, some things stay the same.

Food & Wine: Flavors of Tuscany & Umbria

Oct 14–Oct 24, 2024

Taste the rustic flavors of central Italy.
Tucked-away towns make up the core of Tuscany and Umbria, while the cultural capital of Florence offers urban elegance and historic remnants from the Renaissance. From handmade pasta in heavy sauces to locally produced wines from Montalcino and Montefalco, discover the simple, honest flavors for which central Italy’s medieval villages and sweeping countrysides are known for on this Food & Wine Tour.

A Week in Italy: Rome and Florence

Nov 3–Nov 11, 2024

Feel the pulse of Italy’s vibrant culture.
With its millennia-spanning history, comforting regional cuisine, and countless artistic treasures, it’s no wonder Italy consistently ranks at the top of travelers’ wish lists. Whether you’re planning your first visit or coming back for a taste of new-to-you cities and regions, this weeklong tour will take you straight to the pulsing heart of the country’s vibrant culture. Rome dazzles with its ever-present history, from the hulking Colosseum to the Forum’s still-stately remains. And Florence, the Tuscan capital, wins hearts with its Renaissance architecture and art.

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