Kacie’s Epic Food Guide to the Tuscan City

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So, you’re in Florence.

You’ve made it. You’re here! And you’re hungry. Except, in a city packed with thousands of restaurants of all different prices and cuisines and traditions…where in the world do you go? Where do you even START?

Don’t worry – I gotchu.

In this 58 page – yes, you read that right, 58 PAGE – e-guide, you’ll not only find 50+ detailed and organized restaurant recommendations for the Tuscan city I call home, you’ll also find the how-tos and things to know about dining in Italy, with a dash of Italian culture lessons here and there.


    • 50+ restaurants broken down into 8 detailed categories:
      • Pizza, Florentine Steak, Typical Tuscan Restaurants, Italian Restaurants with Tuscan Influences, Italian / Tuscan Restaurants…with a twist, Pasta, Upscale Restaurants in Florence, Vegan / Vegetarian / Gluten-Free
    • Pricing, contact information, atmosphere overview, and my own personal explanations and food recommendations for each restaurant
    • Types of restaurants in Italy and their meanings
    • Breakdown of Italian menus and meal structures
    • How to make reservations
    • Italian restaurant culture tips
    • Tipping & coperto charges
    • Food you will NOT find on traditional Italian menus

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