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All things Italy

Traveling to Italy? Have questions? Feeling lost? Don’t worry – I got you.

From solo travel to group travel to officially moving to Florence, Italy in January 2021, I’ve done it all. I’ve made the mistakes, found myself in some hilarious, sometimes stressful situations, and learned from them. I’m here to help relieve any anxiety you may be feeling about your upcoming trip, study abroad semester, or permanent move to Italy by answering all the random questions you can’t type in a search bar.

From the Dolomites all the way to Puglia, I’ve traveled through this beautiful country from top to bottom myself. Whether it be the canals of Venice, the majestic history of Rome, the raw beauty of Sicily or the cliffsides of the Amalfi Coast, I got you covered.

Some things we can chat about:

“How-To’s” in Italy

  • Solo travel tips and advice

  • What to expect when you arrive

  • Navigating airports and train stations

  • Transportation within Italy

  • How to buy tickets for tourist attractions

  • Things I wish I’d known

  • Navigating restaurants, bars, and cafes

  • Italian culture tips and advice

  • Safety tips

Planning your trip

  • Itinerary suggestions for solo travelers

  • Itinerary suggestions for first-timers

  • City recommendations

  • Length of stay advice

  • Order of city visitation

  • Activity recommendations

  • How much to budget

  • What to wear and pack

  • Food recommendations

  • Restaurant and hotel recommendations

  • COVID updates within Italy

Studying / Moving Abroad

  • What to pack & bring with you

  • What NOT to pack & bring with you

  • Where to buy things: school supplies, makeup, haircare, skincare

  • Italian health insurance for foreigners

  • Permesso di Soggiorno & Codice Fiscale

  • Navigating Italian bureaucracy

  • Safety tips

*Please note: I am unable to give visa or other legal advice.