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So, you’re traveling to Italy

Have questions? Feeling anxious?
Don’t know where to start?

That’s where I come in.

From solo travel to group travel, to officially moving to Italy in January 2021, I’ve done it all. I’ve made the mistakes, learned from them, and now I’m here to be your point of reference for all things travel to Italy. Let me answer all the questions burning in your mind and turn any anxiety you may be feeling into excitement. We can chat about anything you need, but here are some hot topics to get your thoughts rolling:

“How-To’s” in Italy

From what to expect when you arrive, transportation and all things I wish I had known about Italian culture!

Planning your trip

From city recommendations, length of stay, budgeting, what to wear and much more, I’m ready to help!

Studying / Moving Abroad

Where do you buy toiletries? How do you find a doctor? What in the world is Posteitaliane!? Let’s get you prepared!

*Please note: I am unable to provide visa or other legal advice at this time.
If this is something you are searching for, please reach out to my friend Thea at Doing Italy and let her know I sent you! 

Our Consultation Services:

25-minute “lightning” consultation

If you have general, quick questions about your travels, would like some itinerary suggestions but feel comfortable doing the rest on your own, or maybe just want to walk through your existing itinerary to have the sign-off that it all looks ok, then this is the consultation for you!

In our 25-minute “lightning” consultation, you can ask any questions you’re a little confused about and get an answer from someone who knows. Ask me anything on your mind pertaining to your trip, whether that be logistical questions, a great anniversary dinner spot, basic itinerary guidance, or sharing your existing itinerary for feedback! A written recap is not provided after our call, so make sure to take notes during it! 

What you get:

  • 25 minute, one-on-one Zoom call

  • No consultation recap provided after – make sure to take notes during our call 🙂

  • Curated travel advice and recommendations 

  • Personal insights and suggestions 

  • Questions answered quickly and efficiently 

55-minute complete consultation

The full package – if you are starting from zero, have no idea where to begin, or are just confused beyond all belief, then this consultation is for you!

In our 55-minute consultation, we will walk through your entire trip from beginning to end, building out your itinerary together according to your specific wants and interests and answering any questions you might have along the way. In addition to curated travel advice and suggestions provided during our call, after our call you will receive an entire recap in writing that includes your itinerary laid out day by day, step by step tranportation instructions for each city, hotel/city neighborhood recommendations, restaurant/bar/cafe recommendations, a full list of things to do and see in each city, and recommendations for experiences or excursions in each city. While I don’t book anything for you, your recap will include website links to all experiences and hotels so that you can easily book it yourself. 

*Please note: if your trip to Italy is a party of 10+, will be longer than 3 weeks, please see our “Customized Consultation” below! 

What you get:

  • 55 minute, one-on-one Zoom call

  • Full consultation recap in writing provided after our call

  • Curated travel advice and recommendations

  • Personalized trip planning and mapping

  • A complimentary download of Kacie’s best-selling Complete Tourist Guide to Italy 

Customized Consultation

Spending a month traveling around Italy? Planning a massive family vacation with 15 of your closest cousins? If you’re interested in the 55-minute consultation but your trip to Italy consists of any of the following: 

  • A large party of 10+ people
  • Will be 3+ weeks long (excluding Study Abroad and singular city long-term stays)

Then we need more time to curate your perfect vacation! Please contact Kacie at the contact form below, or alternatively email for a customized consultation length & rate according to your needs.

What you get:

  • Customized length consultation according to your needs

  • Full consultation recap in writing provided after our call

  • Curated travel advice and recommendations

  • Personalized trip planning and mapping

  • A complimentary download of Kacie’s best-selling Complete Tourist Guide to Italy 

Let’s chat

What people are saying

  • AMAZING! You covered a lot in a 50 minute session. I wasn’t expecting you to plan an entire trip itinerary but I am so glad you did! This was so valuable. After the consultation I feel excited and no longer overwhelmed with all of the decisions to make when planning a trip to Italy.

  • Kacie provided me with a lot of great options, consistently checked in with my needs, and stayed flexible to what I wanted to do. She also wrapped it up with logistics to make sure it wasn’t just a dream sheet. Thank you!

  • “Our consultation was fabulous. I was anxious and now I feel much more prepared – I feel like we could have chatted for hours! I’m so excited for my trip now. Thank you so much!!”  

  • “Our consultation was AMAZING. We feel so much more comfortable about planning our trip. Kacie was so much more thorough than we even expected. The info on trains, airbnbs, best neighborhoods to stay in, everything was extremely helpful. We’ve got our plane tickets and most of our airbnbs booked!! So glad we decided to make our trip two full weeks. Thank you so much!!!” 

  • Kacie is wonderful! The consultation was much more in-depth than I expected. I feel more confident in my planning and I have more resources available to me than just a guide book. Kacie opened up new ideas and opportunities for my family. She showed me there is something for everyone without having to skip things we really want to experience.

  • I can’t think of one thing she didn’t go over that we would’ve liked to discuss. We had ample time during the call to ask all our questions and her email breakdown afterwards was detailed and answered questions we didn’t even know we had. I’m so glad we decided to meet with her before our trip because now I feel like we’re going to have a better experience!

  • We had some anxiety around what we might be missing and were unsure about some of our itinerary, but in talking with Kacie and the write up she gave us afterward any uncertainty was calmed. She gave us a detailed breakdown of everything we need or would ever want to know regarding everywhere we’re going and even some places she recommended we hit that weren’t on our itinerary. We are so excited for our trip!!!

  • “Kacie was INCREDIBLE!! We feel so informed and even more excited about our trip. She killed it!”