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Excited to Announce New Partnerships with Eating Europe, Get Your Guide

30 March 2024

New Partnerships with Eating Europe, Get Your Guide

Excited to Team Up with a Couple of My Favorite European Travel & Tour Companies

l have to briefly interject, press pause on the recent string of information-focused blog posts. The blog’s recent trend of informative content has been a conscious effort, providing me a long-form, written avenue to answer some of the most consistently asked questions I get online. You’ll see more of those types of posts in the future, but I’ve also got a couple fun ones upcoming too. This post, however, is probably neither–I’m just too excited to not highlight these collaborations/partnerships in some way!

Eating Europe, specializing in food tours, and Get Your Guide, sort of an all-encompassing tour guide website, are now official partners of Kacie Rose Travel. 

I’ve gone on more tours than I could ever count, all throughout Europe, especially in Italy. I’ve gotten to know some amazing people, seen some unique startups thrive firsthand too. That can make it hard sometimes to categorize someone, or some company, as “best”, “most trusted”, etc etc., because at the end of the day these are all individuals doing something they are passionate about–which I can totally relate to and respect.

Thus, when I say that I mean no disrespect to similar companies and services, you know its from the heart. 

The fact is that for a while now Eating Europe and Get Your Guide have been the two companies I recommend the most in consultations and online. So its only fitting that they are two of the companies that have a presence on this blog. 

The Companies

Get Your Guide offers you thousands of custom tours & activities, with the convenience & flexibility of a mobile app

Powered by GetYourGuide

I’ve gone on a number of tours booked through Get Your Guide and I haven’t been disappointed once. Of course, that’s what good tours, and good tour guides, provide. What sets them apart, at least to me, is for a company as vast as they are–seriously, they cover virtually the entire planet–they still have that “small business” level of customer service and response.

The functionality of their website and app is second to none, and their flexibility with bookings and cancellations is truly people-first. 

You have to check the site out for yourself, there’s no way I could even begin to cover the various activities and tours they offer. Feels like the first time I purchased a book online, on some new-kid-on-the-block website called Amazon haha.

Eating Europe (use code “kacie”) — Food Tours & Immersive Culinary Experiences

Eating Europe Code

If you haven’t read some of the previous “Street Food” blogs, you can check out ones covering Florence and Naples when you have the time. I maintain then and always that there is no better way to experience a culture than doing a street food tour. Honestly.

Eating Europe is in pretty much every major city throughout Europe. Not just “street food”, they offer a variety of tours, and they set themselves apart by the feeling of immersion they provide–it’s like a hands-on home economics classroom, with culinary geniuses and top chefs leading the way.

Still advertisement-free

You will periodically see small shout-outs to the various partners in blog posts. These are not “paid for” sponsorships or advertisements–this blog remains ad-free, and I hope it always will be. Rather these shout-outs (for lack of a better term) are also my personal recommendations, based on my experiences. I’ll never suggest, highlight, reference or otherwise promote a company or service that I haven’t used. 

In some instances, like my Amazon Storefront, I do receive a small percentage of sales from any clicks. That’s not earth shattering news, as its become pretty standard nowadays–and its the least intrusive way to keep blogs affordable to operate. 

But unlike some of those sites, you will never have to question what you see. If it’s on this website…it’s because I trust it.

So….Eating Europe & Get Your Guide, welcome aboard! 

@kacierose4 @Eating Europe yall set the bar HIGH with this one 😂 they do food tours all across Europe (including italy!) – link in my bio for 5% off! 🤍 #london #boroughmarket #londoneats #traveltok ♬ I'm Feeling Lucky (Instrumental) – Ellen Once Again

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